Steering to safety

By Adrian McMaster

As the Life Insurance Framework changes take effect from next year and advisers continue to fret about the impending fall in risk insurance commissions, the concept of target fixation can used positively in steering their practices towards safety.

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Thinking like the royals

By Chris Wrightson

A lot of key lessons can be learned from the British royal family when it comes to the art of succession planning for financial advisers and their firms.

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The skills of tomorrow

By Christine Bau

As more business functions are automated, soft skills will become more important than ever in order to connect with clients and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

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Improving DI insurance through wellness

By Meredith Barnes

As life insurers embrace ‘wellness’, helping Australians who suffer a disability back to work, there is also an opportunity to recalibrate disability income insurance back to a state of independent health.

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Legacy products and consumer needs

By Geoff Summerhayes

We operate in a market steeped in tradition and burdened by a complex legacy of outdated products, systems and business practices. This legacy heightens operational risk and makes it challenging to adapt to the needs of the changing consumer.

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