Banned product lists

By Terry McMaster

In risk insurance, most APLs are better described as “banned product lists” as they are nothing more than a convention adopted by AFSLs to control their advisers.

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The value of good risk advice

By David Spiteri

With so much negative attention on adviser remuneration and the claims handling process of some insurers, it’s good to occasionally be reminded why we went into risk advice in the first place.

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Improving DI insurance through wellness

By Meredith Barnes

As life insurers embrace ‘wellness’ and help Australians who suffer a disability back to work, they have an opportunity to recalibrate disability income insurance back to a state of independent health.

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Making income protection more affordable for clients

By Benjamin Martin

As household debt continues to increase along with the reliance on an individual's personal exertion income to service this debt, it has never been more important for Australians to consider income protection (IP) insurance. Yet many fail to see the value in this type of cover.

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Communicating your value

By Chris Unwin

Risk advisers will need to get off the back foot and on to the front foot as early in the engagement process as possible in order to be seen as giving value to clients.

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The client is boss

By Julia Newbould

Invest in what is important to clients and nurture your relationship with them, and you will make the right moves towards meeting their expectations.

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The benefits of mutual insurance for the life sector

By Michael Pillemer

While politicians in Australia wrestle with ways to resolve public dissatisfaction with vertically integrated financial providers, it’s opportune that a ‘return to the future’ of mutual insurance might help to restore much-needed certainty, trust and long-term confidence in the life insurance sector.

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Steering to safety

By Adrian McMaster

As the Life Insurance Framework changes take effect from next year and advisers continue to fret about the impending fall in risk insurance commissions, the concept of target fixation can be used positively in steering their practices towards safety.

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Thinking like the royals

By Chris Wrightson

A lot of key lessons can be learned from the British royal family when it comes to the art of succession planning for financial advisers and their firms.

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